Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fanotec is 10 years old now.


Thanks a lot for all the people who ever supported me to develop Nodal Ninja pano heads. Thx for all Nodal Ninja customers in the past 10 years.

THX Bryan Biggers for creating the Unofficial Moderated Konica Minolta Digital Camera Forum. Without him, I wouldn't have met the supporting community there. My interests in digital photography fostered there. And Nodal Ninja was developed with the help of members there. THX Pete Ganzel for sharing his creative and inspiring tinkering talents. Without him, I wouldn't be addicted to tinkering and built my first pano head. Pete, you are my master! THX Gordon John for giving the great name for Fanotec. FAN-O-TEC is fan of technology! In the past 10 years, we never stop to learn better technology to design and manufacture Nodal Ninjas.

THX for those who pre-ordered my first Nodal Ninja. THX for customers ordering Nodal Ninja SPH-1 and SPH-2 which were beta grade products. Without their support, we wouldn't have chance to develop our popular Nodal Ninja 3 and the later and finer products. We will have a special reward to them if they still have the complete unit of Nodal Ninja SPH1 or SPH-2. Stay tuned.

Thx John Houghton for the enlightening tutorials in pano making, and kind answers to all my questions. Thx Michel Thoby for all the frontier studies in hardware and software related to pano making. All my knowledge of NPP and LPP comes from him. Thx Wim Koornneef for sharing his secret skills in making panos (esp pole aerial panos), and his inspiring ideas of designing greater pano heads. Without his advice, Nodal Ninja won't be half as good. And thx to many many other helpful people who share their skills and knowledge in pano making with the community. Without their participation, the community would not grow.